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Say Hello to metaverse

Lets give it a try !!

Design a space and lets upload it into metaverse with tat by using Open sea, sketchup, unity and mona, 

Oh, you might be thinking what is all these except sketchup,  atleast some of you might be familiar with mona and open sea .  the rest don't worry we will take you through it , join us to know more .


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Join us to know more

Thank you for your response , we will update you with a mail when our dates and softwares are all set go !!!

Create a space in metaverse with Mona 

 metaverse is a virgin territory full of possibilities, and a Utopia without the constraints of the physical world. Architects can create unique designs backed with NFT for people who like to collect one-of-a-kind assets.

We  will be taking entries of the design to metaverse  and we will upload with support from unity opensea and mona.

It cannot be denied that architects contribute significantly to the fulfillment of imaginative projects in the metaverse. People require places in the metaverse; hence architects and designers are needed to create or enhance these spaces. However, who we consider as architects will probably change with expanding this new world. Thanks to the shift in the goal of architecture, a possibility is that we will see a distinction between the title of an architect and a meta architect over the years. While traditional architecture plays a critical role in providing shelter and facilitating our day-to-day activities, meta architects will be working purely on the form, geometry, and visuals.

What we do ? 

TAT is providing an opportunity to design a space in metaverse with mona and open sea ,

we will be taking entries of 3D models  and the selected models will be taking in and proceed for minting 

And if you are interested we will take you a walk around the process from design and then to unity and then to mona miniting and making it an NFT

Softwares you must know 

Just Autocad, sketchup , and  we will take you through the rest of apps and supporting softwares

The dates will be announced soon.

We know ! we know that you will be having more doubts , don't worry                      with your details and. we will update you with the details soon...!!

We will let you know the last dates for sending the design and models by email 

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